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As a certified plentymarkets partner, we support you in all areas of the powerful ERP system plentymarkets. Whether general consulting, system setup, process optimization or employee training: we find sustainable and effective solutions.

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As a plentymarkets agency, we advise you on all topics related to plentymarkets.

System move

We work with you to migrate your current ERP system to plentymarkets.

System setup

You need help with the setup? We are your partner!


We will set up any plugin for you or develop a custom plugin for your case.


We set up the perfect plentymarkets process for every use case.

Warehouse & Logistics

We optimize your warehouse processes for highly efficient order processing.


Amazon, eBay, Otto & Co. - we bring your products to all popular marketplaces.


We automate and optimize the connection to your tax advisor.

Store systems

We connect Shopify, WooCommerce or other stores with your plentymarkets system.

plentymarkets Development

Individual software solutions for your plentymarkets system



We develop automated interfaces for all your requirements.

Custom plugins

We will develop a personalized plugin for you as a perfect solution to your problem.
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Mark Stolzenberg
Co-Founder & plentymarkets Expert

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Are you wondering whether plentymarkets is right for you or do you need support with setup, migration or other topics? Then book a non-binding initial consultation with your plentymarkets agency.

Certified for you

As a certified plentymarkets expert agency, we are committed to constantly challenging our skills and staying up to date in the entire plentymarkets cosmos. With regular audits, internal challenges and learning material, we ensure that we are your sustainable plentymarkets agency.

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Profit from our plentymarkets knowledge

Our plentymarkets experts have built up valuable knowledge and experience in all areas of plentymarkets over many years. Since we ourselves come from e-commerce and know the perspective of merchants very well, we are your plentymarkets agency with hands-on experience. We not only advise, but have also gone through every process ourselves several times. If you are unsure whether plentymarkets is right for you, you can find our plentymarkets FAQ section here, which will help you make a decision.

plentymarkets is an omnichannel e-commerce ERP system with which you can easily set up and control all your important business processes. plentymarkets enables connections to over 50 marketplaces & digital sales channels such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay, OTTO and many more. Optimally set up, plentymarkets ensures that all your sales, item data & prices harmonize fully automatically with each other and you can focus on the essentials.

There are many scenarios where plentymarkets is exactly the right system for you.

  • you started small and started your business with Excel, Google Sheets and various tools for marketplaces, invoicing, accounting etc. and are looking for a solid, scalable ERP solution
  • you want to easily expand to over 50 other marketplaces and internationally
  • your current ERP system has reached its limits and you are looking for a stable solution for the future
  • you are just starting your e-commerce project and want to have an optimal basis for scaling right from the start

You are still unsure? Just give us a call at +49 40 524 725 660 or book a free initial consultation with one of our plentymarkets experts - we'll find out together!

This is of course possible. This is solved via a simple app, here you will also find a tutorial. Since we have many years of experience with the Plentymarkets ERP system, you can trust us. And that in all industries and sectors - from design to conception.

With us, you will develop a Shopify store that customers will love to stay and shop on. We have developed the best methods for speed optimization. The system is extremely flexible. Our company is now known far beyond Hamburg. The positive feedback we receive confirms that sole traders feel just as much at home with us as people who work in or run larger companies. Your store system doesn't fit you or your store anymore? In this case we can help you with the move. Plentymarkets Shopify - we offer services for it.

Just give us a call, send us an email or use our contact form at the bottom of this page.

A cloud ERP system like plentymarkets is indispensable for online entrepreneurs because it can do almost everything. Not only is it possible to set up and update systems, but it can also connect to marketplaces and provide training. Migration from the old ERP system is smooth and easy. Nothing stands in the way of a Plentymarkets setup. In addition, easy-to-use apps and plugins complete the service.

plentymarkets can now look back on many years of hands-on experience. We always receive positive feedback from our customers through the use of plentymarkets.

Holistic consulting is possible, which varies from client to client.

Implementing a strong and creative strategy is the key to success - for any company. In doing so, there are a few main points that we need to consider:

With the screening we get an overview of your company. Which data structures are used or are most suitable? Can we start with the development of a suitable concept?

If you want to sell products the digital way, you can consider yourself lucky, because this way you can conveniently bypass the disadvantages of the analog world. And if you then also hire an e-commerce agency, you don't even necessarily have to deal with IT technologies.

E-commerce is exactly the opposite of traditional retailing in stores. The latter only have individual sales outlets - whereas online retail customers can place their orders all over the world, 24 hours a day. If you want to go to a traditional store, you have to go there first. This also offers online retailers the advantage of saving time. On the Internet, people can complete their shopping within a few minutes. At the same time, delivery times are often very short. In an online store, the price overview is easier, as customers are given a good overview and can shop alone at their leisure.

Let's get in touch and develop a concept for your new online store together.

We are a plentymarkets agency and have been certified directly by plentymarkets for our customers. You can find our certificates further up on this page or directly in the plentymarkets partner area. We are also open for new challenges. The apoio team always keeps an eye on the latest changes. We are also happy to take care of requests that seem unusual and exotic at first glance.
The COSMOS LAC Shop was built with our help. All people interested in chalk paints and varnishes should have visited this Shopify store once. The navigation menu is very user-friendly. The same goes for the product finder. You can conveniently browse shopping.

With the Nematek Shopify store, we were able to achieve a 1.5 times increase in sales. The same happened with our customers from aerycs. For both stores we used the conversion rate optimization strategy.

Good entrepreneurs should think in the long term. Only in this way is perfect customer loyalty possible and only in this way can the desired increase in sales be achieved. In addition, ERP systems such as plentymarkets can increase efficiency and achieve a high level of automation in your business.
No - we offer very many other services. Many larger companies find it difficult to manage their accounting properly, as tax advisors require numerous documents to prepare a tax return. We also have software developers who customize each program to meet the needs of individual apoio customers. In this way, problems and difficulties can be eliminated. To make logistics efficient and simple, there are programs that centrally control and monitor the entire process.
Personal contact with our customers is very important to us. We therefore look forward to meeting you in person and can be reached at any time by e-mail at the following address

By cell phone, smartphone or telephone you can reach us at the number +49 (0) 40 524 725 660 or you can use our contact form.
You can also make a free, non-binding initial consultation booking.

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